Study in the MPA of Llevant (Mallorca)

  • Organization: Ecoacsa, CBBA, Eftec

  • Funding: € 60.000

  • Year: 2020 - 2021

  • Region: Mallorca

Investing in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) pays off. This is the conculsion of  an investigation into the benefits of Mediterranean marine reserves for the economy and wider society, commissioned by the Marilles Foundation and developed in collaboration with Ecoacsathe Balearic Center for Applied Biology (CBBA) andthe British consultancy Eftec.

The study reveals that for every euro invested annually in the MPA of Llevant generates 10 euros of benefit. This is the first time that a natural capital accounting methodology is applied to a Spanish marine protected area. A methodological guide has been published together with the investigation, to facilitate the application of natural capital accounting to other marine protected areas. The investigation has been conducted within the framework of the European Interreg Med MPA Networks.


  • Estudio piloto en un área marina protegida en las Islas Baleares

  • Guía metodológica para la aplicación de modelos de contabilidad del capital natural en AMP

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