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Marilles is a non-profit foundation working to make the Balearics a world-leading example of marine conservation.


A fund for the long-term conservation of the Balearic sea

The Balearic seabed is one of the most diverse in the Mediterranean. It is partially safeguarded by a network of Marine Protected Areas, but these are under tremendous pressure. There is a growing demand and necessity for change.


Who we are

We are a hands-on, locally-based organisation with considerable regional expertise. We work with a wide range of local organisations to tackle the challenges faced by the marine environment of the Balearics.


What we do

Working with other foundations and private donors, we fund projects that improve the conservation of the Balearic Sea and its coast. Projects are selected for their maximum potential for impact.


Our current priorities

Currently, our priorities are to: improve marine protected areas; secure sustainable fisheries; and promote marine education. We also support projects that reduce the impact of the boating and tourism industries, and of plastics and pollution.

Our strategy
Marilles Foundation
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Our projects

We fund conservation projects throughout the Balearics. Most are run by other non-profit organisations and local charities. But we are always open to ideas: if you have one, come and tell us.

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