Marilles news December 2020

Published 09.12.2020


Marilles news December 2020

Despite the challenging times we’re all going through, we have two bits of good news. The first, although anticipated, is really worth celebrating: the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has approved the declaration of the external waters of Sa Dragonera as a marine reserve. Secondly, the court has ruled that the management of Cabrera National Park – including its waters – is the responsibility of the local government, the Govern de les Illes Balears, and that the ill-founded lawsuit presented by the fishermen of Carboneras against the enlargementhas been dismissed. We have a bright horizon ahead in which to turn these two flagship spaces into model marine parks. Sa Dragonera oozes potential to transform itself into a reserve filled with life, multiplying the number and size of groupers, meagres and lobsters, as has already been happening in other Balearic spots such as the Reserva del Toro. With the conflict over jurisdiction now solved, Cabrera now has the chanceto become a Mediterranean leader. Marilles will do its bit by supporting projects like Get to know your Marine Protected Area of Sa Dragonera, with € 170,000 between 2019-2021; we will help define an ambitious vision for Cabrera, and will continue working towards a better funding for marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Balearics.

Let’s celebrate all this, yes; but let’s not forget that in order for reserves and parks to work well we need funding, management plans and clear regulationof activitiesThe clouds hanging over management and jurisdiction have blown away; but those dangling over financing and resources are still there: we want proper financing for Cabrera, Sa Dragonera and the rest of MPAs in the Balearics, which are suffering from a chronic lack of resources. No more excuses.

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