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Committed to the future
of the Balearics

We are a foundation dedicated to the conservation of the Balearic Sea and coast and we believe that healthy marine ecosystems can be reconciled with economic prosperity. Our core costs are covered by Adessium Foundation so every euro donated to Marilles supports live projects directly linked to the conservation of the Balearics.

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Our History

Marilles was officially founded in 2017, but the research and planning behind the organisation began earlier. We have a robust network of partners in the Mediterranean and beyond with long roots in environmental philanthropy.

Our History

Where Marilles came from

In 2015, the Adessium Foundation commissioned a study which identified the Balearics as one of the healthiest and best-preserved marine environments in the Mediterrean, but one which was under growing threat. Two years of local research and liaison made clear that rapid action to conserve the region would have an excellent chance of success. Marilles was founded to help meet this need.

Our mission was soon endorsed by the substantial support of MAVA Foundation, the largest and longest-established funder in the Mediterranean. In 2019, the Flotilla Foundation joined the initiative. The expertise of these organisations has been critical to ensure robust internal systems and efficient operation at Marilles.

Co-ordinating effort is key to our approach to tackling the issues involved. Our priority is to facilitate dialogue between NGOs, experts, government and the private sector to try and ensure that all their efforts are strategically aligned.

Together, we are stronger in facing the sea’s challenges.

The way we work

Marilles’ approach is positive, inclusive and above all focused on finding solutions.



We believe that reconciling marine conservation with economic prosperity is demonstrably achievable. Our experience shows that a positive approach engages and energizes, encouraging
people to take action.



All sectors of society – public, private and civic organisations – have roles to play in the conservation of the Balearic Sea. We consult with fishermen, nautical clubs, hotels, research centres, diving centres, NGOs and public institutions to co-ordinate all efforts for maximum impact.



Our emphasis is on finding and designing solutions and putting them in motion. We extensively consult, listen and analyse to ensure our understanding of key problems. Once these are established, we focus entirely on tackling them.

The team




    Aniol is a marine biologist and environmental economist who has devoted most of his career to reconciling the economy and the environment. Before joining Marilles, he worked for 15 years in the UK. He has expertise in such diverse fields as education, economics, running campaigns and project design. The sea is his passion, and if he had his way, he would rarely be sighted above water.




    He is in charge of financial management, monitoring contracts with donors and collaborators and identifying new sources of financing. He dedicated 25 years of his working life to the multinational private company until destiny brought together his ethical values and a job opportunity in Marilles. This circumstance allowed him to put his experience at the service of marine conservation. He resides in Menorca, where he enjoys climbing its cliffs and swimming in open waters.

  • Marina Forteza

    Marina Forteza


    Marina is in charge of establishing and maintaining our relationship with the media. With a degree in Audiovisual Communication, she has been working in journalism and communication for 20 years. Marina has worked in different media and communication offices in the Balearic Islands and in Germany and has experience in the field of education. Putting her knowledge at the service of the environment gives meaning to her professional career.

  • Margalida Bonnín

    Margalida Bonnín


    Part of the Marilles communications team, Margalida is a journalist who is used to being on the ground in the Part Forana of Mallorca. She has worked in written and audiovisual media and in different offices of the Government of the Balearic Islands. For her, being part of Marilles is a privilege because it allows her to do her bit for the conservation of our sea.




    Without Sara, we would not know MARE as it is today. She created and led the contest from scratch and consolidated it as a reference project on photography for conservation in the Balearic Islands. She is an environmentalist with a Master's in Sustainable Development, and has experience in management and coordination of socio-environmental projects in East Africa and Central America. Sara is currently working on cross-cutting issues within the Marilles team.




    Sandra coordinates the citizen science programme Observadores del Mar (Sea Watchers) in the Balearic Islands, promoting dialogue between the scientific community and society. She is also in charge of coordinating the Balearic Blue Deal. With a degree in Environmental Sciences and a Master's in Integrated Management of Coastal Areas, Sandra has a multidisciplinary facet with experience in the scientific field, public management and, especially, the third sector.

  • Pablo Rodríguez Ros

    Pablo Rodríguez Ros

    Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

    Pablo contributes to the 30x30 global initiative, which aims to protect 30% of the planet by 2030, while highly protecting 10%. An environmentalist with a PhD in Marine Sciences, he has worked in scientific institutions in Spain, the UK, Canada, Switzerland and the USA. Pablo has also worked as an advisor on marine and environmental issues for the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.




    A biology graduate, consultant, and environmental activist, Toni has a background in planning and managing MPAs. Strongly linked to the conservation and environmental improvement of the islands, he tirelessly explores the coast to better understand the processes affecting our coastal communities. Toni coordinates the MPA labs and represents the foundation in the MPAs Network Interreg Project.



    Informe Mar Balear

    Raquel coordinates the Balearic Sea Report (IMB), an initiative that brings together research centres and local government bodies to assess the state of the marine environment and its threats. With a PhD in Marine Sciences, Raquel has extensive research experience, especially in marine biogeochemistry and Posidonia. She is in love with seagrass meadows.



    Informe Mar Balear

    With a PhD in Marine Geology, Natalia has spent most of her career in Sweden. Her field of expertise is the study of the ocean-climate link through some tiny organisms called foraminifera. Now back in the Balearics, she works with Raquel on the Balearic Sea Report project, where she uses her knowledge and skills to drive positive change.

  • Abraham Calero

    Abraham Calero

    MARE, Audiovisual Competition for the Conservation of the Balearic Sea

    Abraham is MARE’s competition manage. In addition to an extensive career as a marine scientist and environmental technician, his career as a photographer and urban artist has allowed him to exhibit in major art galleries, at the Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation and PhotoEspaña. "MARE is a unique opportunity to merge my three great passions: the sea, art, and social and environmental activism."

  • Amador Garcías

    Amador Garcías

    MARE, Audiovisual Competition for the Conservation of the Balearic Sea

    Amador is the general manager of MARE. A specialist in strategic marketing with extensive professional experience, his mission is to continue to promote the event as a benchmark project in photography and marine conservation in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the things that has motivated Amador most to commit to MARE is its links with the sea and fishing.

Advisory Board

Marilles is lucky to be able to draw on the expertise and deep knowlege of a volunteer board of eight advisors. The Advisory Board represents all islands in the Balearics and meets not less than twice each year to discuss the ongoing work and direction of the foundation. Their input is substantative.

  • Xavier Pastor, Greenpeace Spain founder and former director of Oceana Europe.
  • Pere Oliver, chairman of Cabrera National Park and former director of Instituto Oceanografico Español.
  • Sandra Benbeniste, director of sustainability of EMEA Iberostar
  • Joaquín Tintoré, director of SOCIB
  • Miquel Camps, Conservation director at GOB Menorca
  • Manu San Félix, National Geographic Pristine Seas cameraman and Vellmarí founder, Formentera.
  • Brad Robertson, Director of Save the Med Foundation
  • Catalina Alemany, Corporate Social Responsibility director at Grup Riu.

Board of Trustees

At any time, Marilles has between three and seven Trustees with legal responsibility for the governance and financial probity of the organisation. They are closely involved in our daily activities to which they contribute their professional skills and expertise. Currently, they are:

  • Rogier van Vliet
  • Sonia Castañeda
  • Jaume Perelló
  • Carles Tarancón
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