Our priorities 2022-25

Published 10.02.2022


Our priorities 2022-25

Our priorities 2022-25

After taking balance of the previous 4 years - and as a result of the external evaluation exercise and conversations with members of the advisory board, board of trustees and staff of the organisation - at the Marilles Foundation we have redefined the priority lines of work for the period 2022-25.

On 26th and 27th February, the members of the team met in Valldemossa to refine our objectives and work plans for the short and medium term. During two days of retreat at the agrotourism Son Viscos, we were immersed in working sessions facilitated by Bernardo García Izquierdo.

The retreat not only facilitated the concentration to deal with strategy and internal organisation issues, but it was also the ideal scenario to bring the members of the foundation closer together. We start the new year with many challenges, but with the enthusiasm and energy necessary to face them. 



The Marilles team during the retreat to define the strategy and work plans for 2022. Photos: Marilles Foundation.

Marine protected areas and sustainable fisheries continue to have a strong focus, and the emphasis is on the conservation of rays and sharks, a group of endangered species that does not receive enough attention; and on improving water quality, a problem that should have been solved decades ago. To achieve these objectives, we will continue to work on multiple strategies ranging from scientific and economic studies to public involvement and coordination between actors.

Strategic priorities in a nutshell

The change we want to see is summarized in four overarching goals and nine outcomes

1. Improving and enlarging Marine Protected Areas

Outcome 1: At least 30% of Balearic Sea declared as MPA and 10% declared as NTZ by 2030

Outcome 2: Marine Natura 2000 management plans approved by 2023

Outcome 3: Existing MPAs are more effective delivering biodiversity conservation goals

2. Protecting vulnerable species

Outcome 4: Shark and Ray Conservation Action Plan approved by 2023

Outcome 5: Conservation and restoration plans for shallow water bays under implementation by 2023 (in 5 sites) by 2024 (10 sites).  

3. Transforming Balearic fisheries (professional and recreational) into sustainable ones.

Outcome 6: Fisheries management plans approved (trawling, small-scale, island) by 2025

Outcome 7: Sustainable certification scheme by 2025

Outcome 8: Illegal fishing and fraud cut by 80%

4. Improving water quality

Outcome 9: Reduction of sources of waste water discharges.