Pablo Rodríguez and Margalida Bonnín join the Marilles team

Published 07.09.2023


Pablo Rodríguez and Margalida Bonnín join the Marilles team

Pablo Rodríguez Ros and Margalida Bonnín Perelló joined the Marilles team in recent months and we welcome them here.

Pablo is an environmentalist and holds a PhD in Marine Sciences. As a researcher, he has worked in scientific institutions in Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States. He has also participated in scientific expeditions in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Antarctic oceans and has worked as an advisor on marine and environmental issues for the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

At Marilles Foundation, his work is based on contributing to the 30x30 global initiative, which aims to protect 30% of planet Earth (terrestrial and marine) by 2030, while at the same time highly protecting 10% of the planet. "From Marilles, we will work so that this goal can be achieved throughout the Mediterranean Sea, especially in the Spanish part," he says.

For her part, Margalida is part of the communication team. She has been working as a journalist for 15 years. She is used to being on the ground in Mallorca and has worked in both written and audiovisual media and different offices of the government of the Balearic Islands. "The opportunity that Marilles gives me to do my bit for the conservation of our marine environment is a very encouraging challenge for me," she says.