Enjoying the sea also means making a commitment

Published 01.05.2023


Enjoying the sea also means making a commitment

There are many diverse ways in which the citizens of the Balearic Islands, both residents and visitors, enjoy and experience our marine environment and coastline. We can all agree that the experience of the sea and the Balearic coast, whether on the beach, on a boat, in or under the water, at the market, or at home in front of the television – watching Arxipèlag blau, for example – is richer when the sea is full of life.

Swimming in crystal-clear waters. Strolling along a beach or coastal path. Putting on your goggles and snorkel and watching a playful octopus or an enigmatic cuttlefish swimming on the Posidonia a few metres from the coast. Sailing while watching dolphins, tuna, flying fish, manta rays, and sperm whales. Stopping in a beautiful cove by dropping anchor on a sandy beach or with the help of a low-impact buoy to spend a day with the family or an unforgettable night. Going fishing and bringing home dinner to enjoy with friends. Seeing the fishing boats arrive in port with a good catch and being able to go and buy fresh, local fish at the market a few hours later. Scuba diving surrounded by schools of fish and large groupers. These are just some of the many experiences that await us if we work together to improve the state of the sea and the Balearic coast.

We know what needs to be done to recover our sea. The Balearic Blue Pact sets out five strategic lines to accelerate the transition to a sea full of life, reducing negative impacts and favouring the conservation and recovery of our natural heritage. But we will only achieve this if we have everyone’s support.

During the coming weeks we invite you, residents and tourists, large and small businesses, restaurants, hotels, yacht clubs, fisher's associations, shops, schools, institutes, associations, and organisations to make your commitment to the sea and the Balearic coast visible by supporting the Balearic Blue Pact. Enjoying and living by the sea also means making a commitment.


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