Let’s bring the sea home

Let’s bring the sea home

Let’s bring the sea home


The Balearic Sea is beautiful both above and below the waters. It is one of the most richly biodiverse areas of the Mediterranean. 20% of its waters are legally protected; It is home to more than 400 fish species; It provides 50% of all Spain’s Posidonia seagrass meadows; there is a resident population of sperm whales and dolphins; and bluefin tuna come here to breed. It is a source of leisure and happiness for many of us. It is the basis upon which the economic prosperity of these islands and people’s wellbeing depends.  

During these days of lockdown, we all miss nature and crave being near the sea or even better at sea or in it. We’ve spent weeks at home seeing sunny days pass by, watching the day gets longer every evening, looking forward to when we will be able to go out at our favourite beach, cala or coastal walk, and reconnect with the sea.

Since our start in 2017, we’ve known that turning the Balearics into a world leading example of marine conservation will require having the Balearic society (even) more connected to the sea and more engaged in it’s conservation. We want people to fall in Love with the Sea, or what we call Enamarar – a new word merging sea (mar) with to fall in love (enamorar).

Yet, getting close to the sea can also be a challenge for us terrestrial creatures. We understand that some people find it unnatural to put on a mask, and see with their own eyes what lies beneath the surface. If people aren’t comfortable going to the sea then we aim to  bring the sea closer to people; and this is where multimedia and photography play a key role.

You just need to share a photo on Instagram of the Balearic sea or coast: a fish, a beach, a shell, an unforgettable dive, etc. Tell us what it is, where was taken and what you like about it. Finally, add the hasthag #enamarar and tag @marillesfoundation.

Under the lockdown we’ve launched the #enamarar initiative encouraging people to share a photo of the Balearic sea, to build a collective virtual aquarium and have a small window through which to enjoy the sea from home. Anyone can take part.

If you are not into social media or you have a private Instagram account then you can email us at info@marilles.organd we will upload it for you. We will draw for prizes, which include a diving course and mini field-guides of the Balearic fish. You can post as many photos as you want for the gallery but we will only allow one entry per participant for the draw.