More than 900 photographs in the first edition of MARE

More than 900 photographs in the first edition of MARE

More than 900 photographs in the first edition of MARE


On 31 October, we closed the registration period for MARE, with almost 1,000 entries (883 photographs, 6 videos y 3 reports containing 36 images) and 120 participants (103 adults and 17 young adults).The jury includes four professionals photographers  –Angel FitorOfelia  de PabloPaul Hilton and Meaghan Ogilvie– who will select the best images, using criteria of photographic quality, originality, accurate representation of reality and capacity to connect with the viewer. The award ceremony will take place in December, in the Maritime Museum of Sóller, and can be followed via social media.

MARE, an Audiovisual Competition for the Conservation of the Balearic Sea, will award 8 prizes of €1,000 cash each in the Adult Category and 8 underwaterphotographic cameras in the Young Category. More information in #AllEyes OnTheSea

World-renowned photographers will choose the best image of the Balearic Sea

The jury for this first edition has four international photography professionals, who will be responsible for selecting the best images according to criteria of photographic quality, originality, fidelity to reality and ability to connect with the viewer. 

  • Angel Fitor (Alicante, Spain), is a photographer with extensive experience in animal behaviour and professional diving. His work focuses on the Mediterranean Sea and the Great Lakes of Africa. "My biggest project is to help us stop living with our backs to the sea".
  • Meaghan Ogilvie (Toronto, Canada), is a photographer and visual artist specializing in underwater photography. "Today, originality is a key element in photography in order to capture the public's attention".
  • Paul Hilton (London, United Kingdom), is a photojournalist, wildlife trade consultant and conservationist. "The awards are a recognition for a photographer that you are doing something right and that your work has an impact in creating change".
  • Ofelia de Pablo (Madrid, Spain), a freelance photojournalist and co-founder of HAKAWATAFILM, has travelled to over 60 countries documenting environmental, social and political issues. "I promote, create and work with the power of multimedia as a tool to change the world".

Sara García, coordinator of MARE, says: "It is an honour to have nationally and internationally renowned photographers at the first edition of MARE. The four of them have different professional backgrounds and we believe that this will help when it comes to evaluating the photographs from different perspectives".

The competition places special emphasis on the thought-provoking power of the image, together with the technical quality of the image. The awards at MARE serve to build a collective appreciation of the Balearic Sea and to offer more recognition to the photographers, who are the ones who connect the general public with the sea. 

"Photographers are the eyes that help us show the sea in all its splendour, beauty and challenges; especially for those people who would otherwise never have the chance to dive into the sea," said García.

A collaborative initiative open to further support 
MARE is a collaborative initiative on the Balearic Islands that is open to other entities and sponsors who wish to contribute to making the beauty of the Balearic Sea visible and to work for its conservation. It was created by the Marilles Foundation, together with Menorca Biosphere Reserve, Ibiza Preservation, Mallorca Preservation Foundation, Menorca Preservation Fund, Fundació Iniciatives del Mediterrani and Foro Marino de Ibiza y Formentera.

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Sara García, coordinator MARE