Happy Birthday

Published 17.10.2022


Happy Birthday

Five years of Marilles Foundation

Amazed by the great beauty and exceptional biodiversity of the Balearic Sea, and at the same time aware of the need to protect it from the strong pressures to which it is subjected, we created Marilles Foundation five years ago.

We are working to transform the Balearic Islands into a world reference for marine conservation, together with many people and organisations from the islands. For this reason, on 13 October, we invited all our collaborators – researchers, NGO technicians, managers, hoteliers, journalists, fishers – to a small celebration in the patio of the "Sa Nostra" Culture Centre in Palma. We had the pleasure of welcoming the President of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, who congratulated us on our work.

Celebration of five years of Marilles in Palma. Photos: Pere Joan Oliver.

Where Marilles came from

In 2015, the Adessium Foundation commissioned a study that identified the Balearics as one of the healthiest and best-preserved marine environments in the Mediterranean, but one which was under growing threat. Two years of local research and liaison made clear that rapid action to conserve the region would have an excellent chance of success. Marilles was founded to help meet this need, thanks to Rogier van Vliet, our chairman.

Our mission was soon endorsed by the substantial support of MAVA Foundation, the largest and longest-established funder in the Mediterranean. In 2019, the Flotilla Foundation joined the initiative. The expertise of these organisations has been critical to ensuring robust internal systems and efficient operations at Marilles.

Since then, we have supported more than 30 organisations and funded more than 75 projects, with 10 donors and €4 million invested. All of this is focused on our main strategic lines: marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, vulnerable species and habitats, and water quality.

Celebrations on all the islands

In the coming months we hope to replicate the celebration in Menorca and Ibiza together with local experts and organisations on each island.

The Marilles team would like to thank everyone who has congratulated us and, in turn, we congratulate all of you who play a role in the conservation of the Balearic Sea. Together we are stronger. Congratulations!