Marilles' new strategy

Published 17.09.2021


Marilles' new strategy

Marilles' new strategy

Making the Balearic Islands a world reference of marine conservation is a long-term goal that requires work on many levels. To date, Marilles has prioritised three areas of work: improving the management of marine protected areas, ensuring sustainable fishing and bringing people closer to the sea.

As a result of the external evaluation exercise carried in 2021 and consultation with advisory board members, trustees and staff of the organisation, we have redefined our goals and priorities for the period 2021-25. Although we are still working on them, we can already provide you with an outline of the objectives and outcomes towards which we will direct our work over the coming years. Marine protected areas and sustainable fisheries continue to have a strong focus, with an emphasis on the conservation of rays and sharks, threatened species that do not receive enough attention; and on improving water quality, a problem that should have been solved decades ago. To achieve these objectives, we will continue to work on multiple strategies ranging from commissioning scientific and economic studies, to citizen engagement and coordination among key players.

Eight goals for 2025

Improvement and extension of marine protected areas

  • Result 1: at least 30% of the marine area in the Balearic Sea is declared as marine protected area and at least 10% as non-take-zone by 2030.
  • Result 2: Natura 2000 area management plans completed and approved by 2023.
  • Result 3: existing marine protected areas improve their effectiveness in protecting biodiversity and fisheries resources.

Protection of vulnerable habitas and species

  • Result 4: Conservation action plan for rays and sharks approved in 2023. 

Balearic professional and recreational fisheries as a model of sustainability

  • Result 5: Management plans approved in 2025 (artisanal, trawling, by islands and species).
  • Result 6: Improvement and development of local brands and sustainable certification of fishery products by 2025.
  • Result 7: Illegal fishing and fraudulent commercialisation of fishery products is reduced by 80% compared to 2021 levels.

Improved water quality

  • Result 8: in definition.