Marilles takes part in the 1st Civil Society Tourism Congress 

Published 27.06.2024


Marilles takes part in the 1st Civil Society Tourism Congress 

Tourism in the Balearic Islands benefits enormously from having a sea in a good state of conservation. It also generates impacts that must be taken into account. Marilles Foundation was present at and contributed to the 1st Civil Society Tourism Congress, a participatory forum organised by the Forum of Civil Society of the Balearic Islands that brought together different representatives of civil society to discuss and make contributions on tourism, the need to set limits and the future of the islands economic model. 

Our director, Aniol Esteban, spoke at the round table that debated tourism and the environment. During his speech, he outlined the proposals of the Balearic Blue Deal and reflected on the lack of investment by the tourism industry in the conservation of the marine environment that sustains it. 

Esteban pointed out that the conservation of the Balearic Sea is underfunded by the administrations. In this sense, he explained that the Balearic Blue Deal calls for at least 1% of public budgets to be earmarked for it. 

The document resulting from this congress will be presented to the government of the Balearic Islands.