Marilles and OBSAM discuss the Blue Deal in Menorca

Published 07.09.2023


Marilles and OBSAM discuss the Blue Deal in Menorca

The president of Marilles Foundation, Aniol Esteban, and researcher Eva Marsinyach from the Socio-environmental Observatory of Menorca (OBSAM),  shared the last "Tertulia a la fresca" in Fornells talking about the Balearic Blue Deal and the challenges facing the island of Menorca in the conservation of its coastline and marine environment.

Esteban explained the objectives of the Balearic Blue Deal and invited members of Menorca's civil society to support it. With Eva Marsinyach, he also shared the results of the projects on which the two organisations collaborate or have collaborated. These include an initiative to restore shallow bays, which began last year; a study on pressures in the marine environment; and another to evaluate the quality of the water in the island's coves. 

The Balearic Blue Deal has nearly 200 signatories from entities and companies in the Balearic Islands. They are calling for political action on the Deal's commitments. These are to create a network of marine sanctuaries covering 10% of the Balearic Sea; implement conservation and recovery plans for vulnerable habitats and species; guarantee sustainable fishing by putting an end to poaching and fraudulent trade; improve the quality of coastal waters; and invest a minimum of 1% of the public budget in marine conservation.

The event took place on 5 September at the Castell de Sant Antoni de Fornells.

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