Marilles Newsletter January 2020

Published 10.01.2020


Marilles Newsletter January 2020

Challenges for 2020

Together with Observadores del Mar, we begin 2020 pushing for more maritime citizen science. We will also be working closely with Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE) to convert the Balearic fishing fleet into the most sustainable in the Mediterranean. We will begin a training program for service sector organisations to make them more effective agents of marine conservation. And we will continue to work on the Informe Mar Balear (Balearic Sea Report), which is the fruit of collaboration between research centres and the public-private sector. And, of course, we will maintain our commitment to improving the Balearics’ protected marine areas, bringing people closer to the life of the sea, extending maritime education and much more.

We’ve begun the year eagerly, with lots of energy and lots of projects so that we can move towards our goal: making the Balearics a role model for marine conservation. Many people are working towards this, the movement is growing and we believe it’s unstoppable.  For a sea-rich 2020 and a sea full of life!

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