How much do we invest in MPAs?

Marilles Foundation - Collaborators



2018 - 2019




Better funding is crucial to improve the efficiency of MPAs in the Balearics, so Marilles has created the MPA Expenses Report to clarify how much we invest in them. The report identifies and quantifies the major costs of and investments in local MPAs in recent years.

More than 60 professionals collaborated on this report and it has been validated by the MPA managers on all the islands. We all worked together to improve information systems and ensure that in future we are able to collect robust data efficiently. This gives us a firm basis to calculate jointly how much funding is needed to improve the running of the MPAs, and to identify where this finance will come from.

«This study is a first step towards evaluating how much financing is required to equip MPAs with the necessary human resources and materials to run well.»

Marilles Foundation
Toni Font Author of the study