10 years of marine citizen science

Published 27.04.2022


10 years of marine citizen science

On 6 May, our friends at Observadores del Ma will celebrate their 10th anniversary in Barcelona. What started 10 years ago with a handful of people is now a team of more than 3,600 who, together, have made over 16,000 observations. This is an excellent example of marine citizen science at its best.

It’s time now to get together and celebrate, to review the path travelled, to remember achievements, and to dream of new milestones. Come celebrate with them. You’re invited to the event “Observadores del Mar: Looks to 10 years of observations” at 5pm on Friday, 6th May, at the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC) in Barcelona. You can also follow it by streaming.



The programme has two parts. The first will highlight the birth of the marine citizen science platform and its response to citizens’ concerns in the form of projects that have created a growing connection between society and science. In this informal session, you will learn about the impacts generated in 10 years, including unexpected findings, the monitoring of species, alliances between different organisations, and current and future challenges that they want to tackle with you.

The second part of the event will take place in the courtyard where you’ll enjoy a concert, interviews, snacks, and some other surprises. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the great power of citizen science in warning of changes in marine ecosystems, connecting scientific knowledge with the general public, and using observations to improve marine management. Come celebrate it! They are waiting for you #OdM10Years