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2019 - 2026




Citizen science plays an essential role in marine conservation. It enables us to obtain valuable information and promote the involvement of the community in the collection of data. The data collected by volunteers, is scientifically validated by a respected research centre and used to make necessary decisions to improve the management of the sea.

The citizen marine science platform Observadores del Mar has become an example of best practice for the Balearics and the rest of the Western Mediterranean. It has 15 active projects on marine biodiversity, climate change, pollution, and invasive species, among other study areas.

Marilles and Observadores del Mar work together to strengthen and expand citizen science programmes in the Balearics. 

Marine Citizen Science is key for marine conservation. It indicates a change in the concept of how and who creates the knowledge, breaking the invisible barrier that separates the scientific community from society.

Marilles Foundation
Sandra Espeja Coordinator of the Marine Citizen Science programme in the Balearic Islands

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