Marine wildlife mini-guides for the Balearic Sea

Published 07.05.2020


Marine wildlife mini-guides for the Balearic Sea

After a year working with the naturalist and illustrator Toni Llobet, and publishers Cossetània, we launch the first two titles of a series of ten mini-guides about marine fauna and flora of the Balearic Islands.

These easy-to-use guides introduce you to the most common marine species present in the Balearic Sea. Illustrations are approximately made to scale so that they can be compared easily. Each beautifully accurate illustration is accompanied by a short descriptive text.  We hope it will encourage all those who enjoy these waters to appreciate the thriving natural heritage of the islands, and actively support efforts to protect it.

The first titles focus on fish

Coastal Fish of the Balearic Islands” and “Open-water and deep-water fish of the Balearic Islands” are the first two guides to be published.  The third one will cover cetaceans, seabirds, sea turtles and sharks; and the fourth will include a compilation of 125 marine species that everyone should know about – or at least that is our hope!. These two titles should be ready before the summer. Our plans for a public launch with illustrator Toni Llobet and all the authors, will have to wait. 

How to get the mini guides

From Marilles we offer 12,000 copies of these guides free of charge for initiatives related to marine environmental education. In addition, they will be available at production cost to environmental organizations in the Balearics who want to make a small return to reinvest in non-profit activities. Contact for more information.

They are also for sale in bookstores in the Balearic Islands at a fixed price of 5 euros each.

Marilles does not make any economic gain from the sale of the guides.

Our goal is for this resource to be available to a wide audience. We want to promote ocean literacy amongst the Balearic society because we see it as a key step in the path towards improved conservation of the Balearic Sea.