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2018 - 2019




Marilles has been working with naturalist illustrator Toni Llobet and publishing company Cossetània on the production of a series of ten mini-guides on marine fauna and flora in the Balearics, to promote the incredibly rich patrimony of the Balearic Sea. This resource will encourage us all to dive headfirst into the water, rediscover marine life, and participate actively in its preservation.

The first two titles in the series were published in 2020: Peces costeros (Coastal Fish) and Peces pelágicos y de fondos profundos (Pelagic and open-sea fish). We purchased 12,000 copies, which have been distributed in educational centres and associations wishing to promote marine environmental education. They are also on sale in bookshops in the Balearics, so that the public can discover and recognise the fish, seaweed, and invertebrates found living in the Balearic Sea. Our foundation doesn’t receive any direct benefits from the sale of these guides.

“The species shown in the mini-guides and informative posters are only a small example of the marine wealth inhabiting the Balearic Sea. We hope they will encourage many people to put on their masks and snorkels and discover them for themselves.”

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Toni Llobet Naturalist illustrator

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