Blue economy study

  • Organization: Fundació Impulsa

  • Funding: €14,000

  • Year: 2019

  • Region: Balearics


The economic prosperity of the Balearics Sea is based on the ocean, which brings incalculable benefits to society and the economy. Improving management and decision-making depends on a good understanding of the financial contribution made by the sea and the coast. The blue economy should be seen not just as the sum of the businesses associated with the sea but those that are sustainable in relation to it.  

Marilles has begun creating an assessment of marine capital to demonstrate the links between the economy and the marine environment. The first step was to commission the Fundación Impulsa to prepare a study on the size of the Balearics blue economy. The results show that the productive sector associated with the sea, such as tourism, boating and recreation, brings the Balearics added value of €5,124 billion through the work of 6,511 businesses employing 88,441 people. The impact of these various activities on the environment and the degree to which they depend on it being in a good state differs. Future studies will clarify these relationships.


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