• Organization: Own project

  • Funding: €6,000

  • Year: 2018 - 2021

  • Region: Balearics

MPAs LAB_Mallorca

MPAs LAB_Menorca

MPAs LAB_Ibiza

The MPA lab is a multi-disciplinary working group that meets on each island periodically to find solutions to improve the condition of the MPAs in the Balearics. This group is open to all organisations who share this goal.

The lab schedules three meetings a year on each island, except Ibiza and Formentera, who meet jointly. It constitutes a great opportunity for exchanging information, define strategies and identify effective interventions which will aid in achieving better management and effectiveness of the MPAs in order to preserve the fauna and marine habitats of the Balearics.


  • ES_Las áreas marinas protegidas del mar Balear

    Introducción, evolución, usos e inversión

  • CA_Les àrees marines protegides de la mar Balear

    Introducció, evolució, usos i inversió

  • EN_The marine protected areas of the Balearic Sea

    A brief introduction

  • ES_Diagnóstico MPAs LAB

  • CA_Diagnòstic MPAs LAB

  • EN_Diagnosis MPAs LAB

  • ES_Funcionamiento LAB AMP

  • CA_Funcionament LAB AMP

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