Training to strengthen marine NGOs

Published 25.03.2021


Training to strengthen marine NGOs

Training to strengthen marine NGOs

The Balearics have a wide network of organisationsand associations that do an excellent job in the marine conservation area. If we are to advance in the improvement of the Balearic Sea, it's essential to support these entities so that they can grow in volume, professionalism and impact.

The training proposal of Marilles, in collaboration with Stone Soup Consulting, aims to reinforce the abilities and competence of entities from the third sector that work in –and for– the conservation of the marine environmentof the Balearics. The purpose of such training is to improve their efficiency and reach common objectives.

50 attendees belonging to some 30 organisations from all the islands signed up for the training programme. It took place in two parts:

  1. Three training courses with subsequent follow-up. The three one-day sessions took place between September 2020 and February 2021 in all five islands (Ibiza and Formentera were grouped together) and focused on reinforcing three areas common to all the organisations: designingstrategy, communication and funding. After the course, follow-up was offered to those organisations who wished to develop a strategy, a communication plan and a project proposal.
  2. Individual follow-up training to two entities Observadores del Mar and Tursiops for a period of 12 months, during which we have devised and started to implement an Improvement Scheme.

Our hope is that this training proposal reaches the widest audience possible. Listed below are the entities that took part in the project in 2020:

  • GOB Mallorca
  • Rezero
  • Save the Med
  • Shark Med
  • Cayume Association
  • Cleanwave
  • Observadores del Mar (Sea Observers)
  • Tursiops
  • Informe Mar Balear (Balearic Sea Report)
  • Tramuntana XXI
  • Iniciatives del Mediterrani Foundation
  • Noctiluca Association
  • Mallorca Preservation Foundation
  • GOB Menorca
  • Per la Mar Viva
  • Menorca Reserva de la Biosfera
  • Projecte Leader
  • Menorca Preservation Fund
  • Plastic-Free Menorca
  • Cofradía Pescadores de Ibiza (Ibiza Fishermen’s Guild)
  • Vellmarí
  • Mar Blava Alliance
  • Whitesand Solutions
  • Ibiza Preservation Foundation
  • Low Impact Fishers of Europe
  • Defensa Port Pollença Association
  • Marilles Foundation