Training programme for the third sector

Published 01.10.2020


Training programme for the third sector

Training programme for the third sector

We started a training programme aimed at all organisations and associations working on marine issues in the Balearic Islands. The aim is to strengthen the third sector in the islands to continue improving the Balearic Sea. Although excellent work is already being done, the environmental sector must continue growing in volume, professionalisation and impact.

StoneSoup Consulting and Marilles have signed an agreement – worth € 30,000 –  to offer three courses focused on strategy design, communication and fundraising. The three sessions will be held on each island between September 2020 and January 2021 and will be accompanied by online follow-up and support between sessions.

Transforming purpose into action

The first training dealt with strategic planning. During the morning and afternoon sessions, representatives from each organization learned how to plan a strategy for the creation of social and environmental value; how to establish strategic and operational objectives; how to reflect on purpose and its evolution; how to build a SWOT matrix; how to establish impact and monitoring indicators, and how to improve group dynamics and team work.

Next sessions

The next two training courses will be held in November 2020 and January 2021. On the second day, we will look at how strategic communication can become a tool to support the organisation's purpose, and identify possible collaborations between organisations to improve communication around conserving the marine environment in the Balearic Islands while making it more effective. The third and final session will focus on how to design and implement a plan to raise private funds.