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2019 - 2022




Marilles is a partner in the European Interreg Med MPA Networks project, which aims to improve the effectiveness of MPAs in the Mediterranean by proposing solutions in four areas: efficient management; managing small-scale fishing; conservation of mobile species; and, sustainable funding. 

The project — 85 % of which is funded by the Interreg MED programme — is coordinated by MedPAN. It brings together 10 Mediterranean associates, the majority of which are the MPA management bodies of seven countries: Albania, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

Alongside the Centro Balear de Biología Aplicada and ECOACSA, we are evaluating the contribution of Llevant – a marine reserve of fishing interest in Mallorca – to the local and area economy, through traditional fishing activities and leisure pursuits related to the marine and coastal environments. In 2021 the study revealed that for every euro invested annually in the MPA of Llevant generates 10 euros of benefit. A Methodological Guide was published alongside the study to facilitate the application of natural capital accounting to other MPAs.

«Managed efficiently, MPAs are one of the best tools to preserve marine biodiversity and fishing resources. The MPA Networks Project is born from the intention to work together, discuss problems and share solutions among the managers of the MPAs in the Mediterranean.»

Marilles Foundation
Marie Romani Executive secretary for MedPAN