Water quality in Menorca

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OBSAM is working on a study to evaluate the quality of bathing waters in the coves of Menorca, using Cystoseria seaweed as a bioindicator. The project takes samples from the same 103 coves that were analysed in 2005 using the same methods.

Over the last few summers, reports about the proliferation of microalgae in some of the island’s coves have become more frequent. The water in these coves turns green, deteriorating their image; and they sometimes have to be closed to bathers. The study will allow us to assess if the increase in wastewater and tourism pressure, in addition to other disturbances, has affected water quality. The results will encourage the adoption of effective measures to prevent these episodes.

“Seaweed of the Cystoseira genus is very sensitive to disturbances and is used as a bioindicator. Thanks to Marilles’s financing and commitment, we have been able to repeat a study carried out in 2005, which has allowed us to examine the evolution of this type of seaweed in the coves of Menorca, the main areas of tourist attraction on the island.”

Marilles Foundation
Marta Sales PhD in biology and project coordinator