Studying opean-sea sharks

Marilles Foundation - Collaborators



2020 - 2021




The pelagic (open-sea) shark population has declined dramatically in the Mediterranean; hammerheads, mako, and thresher sharks have been reduced by 90% over the past decades, and the blue shark has also been gravely affected. Knowing more about these species is essential to protect them, but finding specimens is usually difficult because the few who are left live far from the coast. Shark Med has developed an innovative recording system that allows them to study these species in their natural environment so they can gather valuable information to support their conservation in the Balearic Sea. With stations on all the islands, they also collaborate with other organisations. The first images obtained show that half the blue sharks filmed had hooks stuck to them and were dragging long fishing lines along, probably from the surface longline fleet.

“Sharks are too often the most forgotten species in our sea, yet their role is fundamental for the future of biodiversity in the Mediterranean. The support given by Marilles has been significant: it has allowed us to take a big step towards their protection by making it possible to implement an ambitious project of study and conservation that unites the efforts of all our islands.”

Marilles Foundation
Agustí Torres President of Shark Med