Monitoring sharks and rays sold in the fish market

Marilles Foundation - Collaborators



2020 - 2021




Knowing the volume of shark and ray captured is essential to evaluate the effects of overfishing their populations and manage them correctly. To this end, for a whole year we are visiting the Palma fish market — where 70% of sharks and rays captured by the Balearic fishing fleet are commercialised — to find out what kind of fishing gear affects these species more, in what season of the year and other invaluable data. The information obtained will help develop a plan of action to conserve sharks and rays in the Balearic Islands.

Sharks and rays have very different biological characteristics to all other fish. And yet their fishing management has not been clearly differentiated. This has taken many species to the brink of extinction. This project has been added to the investigation that is being carried out in the Balearics on elasmobranchii and the impacts these suffer, and is expected to result in an efficient conservation.

Marilles Foundation
Biel Morey Study director and vice-president of Save the Med