Out of Plastic

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Cleanwave is a people-based movement that acknowledges the urgent need to come up with sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bottles in the Balearic Islands. Majorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Minorca are providing the launch platform for a global movement that seeks to make drinking water freely accessible and minimise the wastage of plastic through the sale of stainless steel bottles.

The funding provided by the Fundación Marilles proved to be decisive in bringing the Out of Plastic documentary to the Balearic public free of charge via multiple platforms: town and city councils, schools and cinemas, as well as screenings by local environmental groups and corporate screenings for employees and events. The film has managed to create public awareness, attract partners, unite people and open up opportunities for new collaborations.

"Out of Plastic addresses a problem that is getting ever harder to ignore. Set in the Balearic Islands, the documentary presents us with the challenge of the great impact that plastic pollution is having on our lives and on the environment."

Marilles Foundation
Line Hadsbjerg Cleanwave founder