Sharks and rays

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Sharks and rays are the groups of species which have suffered the most regression in the Balearics and Mediterranean in recent decades. Some of them, such as the angel shark and the sawfish, have practically disappeared from our waters. These species reproduce slowly and are very vulnerable to such pressures as fishing and pollution.

From 4-7 November 2019, the UICN-Med Centre (Centro de Cooperación del Mediterráneo de la UICN) and Marilles organised a conference of international marine conservation specialists, NGOs and other organisations to reconsider the current level of threat to these species in the Mediterranean, and identify actions to protect them. The last day was completely devoted to the Balearics and involved beginning a conservation action plan for sharks and rays around the islands.

Shark and rays are amazing species which have suffered a severedecline across the Mediterraneanand the Balearics are no exception to this. Restoring shark and ray populations to healthy levels is a key priority for us. This meeting is an excellent opportunity to start working on a Conservation Action Plan to protectthese species in the Balearics

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Aniol Esteban Director of Marilles Foundation