A fossil fuel-free sea

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The Alianza Mar Blava platform is comprised of more than 120 organisations from civil society, the private sector and the public administration. Its mission is to increase the protection of the Mediterranean and transform the current energy system into a truly sustainable, decarbonised, efficient and totally renewable one.

The economic support provided by Fundación Marilles enabled it to overcome cash flow problems on account of late payment of public subsidies. This made it possible for it to maintain its structure and afford continuity to the work ongoing since 2013 to protect the Mediterranean from activities involving the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons and other mineral resources and to encourage a broad-ranging social, business and political consensus to foster a rapid and effective transition towards an efficient, smart and renewable energy model.

"One of our aims is to bring about a law banning exploration, research and exploitation of fossil fuels and other minerals in the Mediterranean marine environment over which Spain has jurisdiction. We share Marilles Foundation’s vocation of defending the Mediterranean’s natural wealth and the right of future generations to enjoy a healthy environment and to live in a sustainable world."

Marilles Foundation
Carlos Bravo Alianza Mar Blava’s Technical Coordinator