Balearic Sea Report

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2019 - 2026




The Balearic Sea Report (Informe Mar Balear, IMB) offers the best available information about the state of the Balearic Sea to the general public. This collaborative work involves all marine research centres and various govern-ment departments in the Balearic Islands.

It collects ecological indicators, such as the state of fish populations, Posidonia meadows, or species in danger. It also includes important economic and social indicators, such as investments in MPAs jobs generated in sectors related to the blue economy, and the level of human pressure on the islands.

The first Balearic Sea Report was published in March 2020. Since 2021, the report is updated on the website This is an essential resource to improve the management of the Balearic Sea and evaluate the impact of everyone’s efforts.

In order to preserve our sea, we need to have access to the best possible information on which to base its management. Until now, this information was scattered and hard to access for the general public and some of its managers. The Balearic Sea Report fills this gap: it has brought together all this information and has made it available to anyone who wishes to know about our sea.

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Raquel Vaquer Coordinator of the Balearic Sea Report.