Professional fishing

  • Organization: LIFE

  • Funding: €50,000

  • Year: 2020

  • Region: Balearic Islands

Professional fishing continues to be one of the main pressures on the Balearic marine environment, even though the sector itself is in decline. The regional fishing industry is also an important partner in marine conservation, and has supported the creation of marine reserves. A strategic priority for Marilles is to reduce the negative impacts of fishing while improving the sustainability of the sector. These goals are shared by Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE).

LIFE works to reduce the impact of professional, artisan fishing at a small scale, a category to which most of the fishermen and boats in the Balearics and on the Mediterranean belong. During 2019, Marilles and LIFE carried out field research and met up with fishermen on the four islands to set up a project to help transform the Balearic fishing fleet into one of the most sustainable in the Mediterranean. The first phase of the project begins in 2020 and will continue for three years.