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2020 - 2023




Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE) is a non-profit organisation working with fishers who use low-impact fishing gear to strengthen this sector and ensure it becomes a change agent towards more sustainable fishing. Our three-year collaboration with LIFE aims to accelerate this transition working side by side with the professional fishing sector of the Balearics. The main lines of action include the design of management plans to improve the performance and sustainability of fishing resources, adopt low-measures, and strengthen local product brands that incorporate good practices.

“Artisan coastal fishing provides a real opportunity for the new generations of men and women. Although it plays a modest part in economic growth, it has a huge impact on sociocultural and environmental factors that are necessary for a sustainable development of the Mediterranean coast, based on green and blue economy. The fishers are and will be the custodians of the Balearic Sea.”

Marilles Foundation
Anna Masdeu Technician of the Sustainable Fishing in the Balearic Islands programme