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Together for the Med is a network of more than 45 NGOs, international organisations, research centres, private companies and foundations from all over the Mediterranean. It aims to protect and restore marine biodiversity, achieve sustainability of fisheries, reduce their impact on seagrass and coral reef habitats, reduce by-catch of cetaceans, seabirds, sea turtles and sharks, and reduce negative interactions between fishermen and marine mammals. 

Marilles' aim as an active member of this partnership is to export many of the good practices and knowledge that already exist in the Balearic Islands - such as the establishment of marine fishery reserves, seagrass legislation, and the success of collaborative projects such as the Balearic Sea Report, the Marine Citizen Science programme of Sea Observers and the MARE underwater photography competition - as well as to import and replicate solutions that have been successful in other Mediterranean regions, such as the implementation of specific measures to reduce the by-catch of vulnerable species (e.g. rays, sharks, turtles and seabirds) by the fishing fleet.

“TGFM is an exceptional and rich partnership that brings together partners with very different profiles: institutions, NGOs, research centres and private actors with the same objective: to reduce fishing pressure on marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean. Together and each at its own scale, we are working on concrete changes and co-management on the ground.”

Marilles Foundation
Auriane Petit Project Officer