Research into cetaceans

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2018 - 2021




Tursiops is committed to the research, conservation, and protection of cetaceans in the Balearics and the Western Mediterranean. They develop scientific projects and undertakes social and educational ones, be it on the coast or farther out at sea. Their efforts on the impact of marine noise levels on dolphin populations or the characterisation of the sperm whale population are proving to be crucial to defining management measures that guarantee the conservation of these species in the Balearic Sea.

Our funding is general; it gives Tursiops the necessary flexibility to assign it to the projects that need it most or respond to opportunities that may arise.

“It’s no use knowing where you want to go unless you know where North is. From Tursiops we work so that the conservation of cetaceans in the Balearics has its course based on the most rigorous investigation. Knowledge is the key to conservation.”

Marilles Foundation
Txema Brotons Scientific director of Tursiops