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2019 - 2023




To guarantee the proper functioning of marine reserves, community involvement is essential. Xarxa Dragonera Blava emerged from the project Get to Know Sa Dragonera, your Marine Protected Area (Conoce tu Área Marina Protegida Sa Dragonera), led by Save the Med to promote the connection between natural spaces and the local population. Forty businesses, shops, artists, and individuals have already signed up.

During 2019 and 2020, they organised photographic exhibitions, educational workshops, and talks to promote the protected marine space to residents and visitors. In 2021, the aim is to go from awareness to action by identifying the measures that schools, shops, fishers, and diving centres can adopt to become custodians of Sa Dragonera. The expansion of the marine reserve to include its external waters, approved in 2020, makes this action even more crucial.

“The collaboration among organisations who share the same values, objectives and ambitions, like Marilles and Save the Med, is crucial for the success in regenerating the Mediterranean Sea. We appreciate the open spirit that allows us to work together on specific projects."

Marilles Foundation
Brad Robertson President of Save the Med