Towards zero waste

Marilles Foundation - Collaborators



2021 - 2022




Rezero is working in the Balearics towards a zero-waste economy to prove the feasibility of a local production and consumption model that can become a reference point for reuse and the prevention of waste for other European regions. In collaboration with other organisations, Rezero has been following the enactment of the Balearic Law on Waste, which is crucial for solving the plastic pollution issue. We have renewed our support to Rezero so we can closely follow the implementation of prevention and reuse measures contemplated in this law – local, island, and country-wide.

One of the priorities will be to promote an integral system to reuse drinks, food, and other product packaging that can be a source of inspiration to other territories; and to continue working towards consolidating an active network of environmental, social, and economic organisations for the reduction of waste and the promotion of reuse in the Balearics.


“The support Marilles offers Rezero allows us to build bridges by means of social, political and economic initiatives of waste prevention and reuse, and contributes to place the Balearic Islands as pioneering territory on the road to Zero Waste.”

Marilles Foundation
Rosa García Director of Rezero