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2020 - 2026




Underwater life is an ongoing spectacle that not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy. Through the power of images, the Audiovisual Competition for the Conservation of the Balearic Sea, MARE, brings the sea closer to people, displaying all its splendour and beauty while raising awareness around the challenges it faces. 

MARE is an annual competition that invites professionals, amateurs, adults, and young people to present photographs and videos of the Balearic marine universe. As well as awarding prizes and recognising the work of the artists, the aim is to show this audiovisual material and share it with the public.

In the inaugural competition in 2020, 120 contestants submitted almost 1,000 pieces. Eight prizes of €1,000 were awarded in the Adult Category, and eight cameras in the Young Category. MARE is supported by organisations committed to marine conservation and nature photography and videography.

In these uncertain times, MARE is a breath of fresh air and colour, reminding us that our sea and our coast are spectacular. The time has come to invest all our energy into respecting the Balearic Sea, an endless source of enjoyment and beauty, and an essential asset for the future of the Balearics.

Marilles Foundation
Sara García MARE coordinator