Marine programme in Menorca

  • Organization: GOB Menorca

  • Funding: €35,000

  • Year: 2019 - 2020

  • Region: Menorca

Campaign La bossa i la vida

Campaign La bossa i la vida

Children’s tale Na mordala, Cranc, Cranc!

Children’s tale Na mordala, Cranc, Cranc!

GOB Menorca is a non-profit conservation organisation whose objective is to help achieve a truly sustainable economy, making human activities compatible with environmental values. The funding provided by Marilles supports its marine programme, which includes multiple areas of activity. Important examples are its political lobbying for more support and better protections for Menorca’s marine ecosystems, and the incorporation of marine activities and education in its summer camp programmes.

In 2019, GOB Menorca attracted dozens of new adherents to its plastic reduction campaigns. These helped build a critical mass of organisations taking steps to avoid waste ahead of the implementation of the new Waste Reduction legislation.

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